Falling for the Pacific Northwest...Again!

Perspective is everything. Seasons have meaning. This is just one of them. 

Where have I been all my life? Well technically I've been living in the majestic Pacific Northwest...but clearly it seems to me I wasn't paying as much attention years prior. There is such an overwhelming presence of the changing seasons when the chilly wind passes by the tip of your nose and travels along the the tall trees above you, just lighty swaying the big branches back and forth, knowing the velocity the wind can bring at any time. 

I've been fortunate to have downtime this season of life! Being able to witness the maple trees lose their leaves as they slowly fall from each branch, delicately dancing off into the wind, experiencing the peaceful silence the first snowfall this December gave us, and waking up every morning to go outside to take deep breaths of crisp damp air.

My soul has truly felt the evergiving joy and presence that this Fall season brings.

I had a short-lived journey living in Utah this year and what an amazing opportunity to see even more natural beauty from this earth in ways I had not yet seen, the valley and the mountains, the snow and even the deer that just roam around the property. It's a much drier climate there even in the Fall-Winter seasons and more desert than trees. Being able to see a similar season in a different way was a joy and not too many places can beat the skies in Utah!

I am so thankful to be home in the humid, wet, bursting with color and chilly days we get in the PNW! The oranges, yellows, rust reds, greens and many more shades of the Fall season are everywhere and I am taking full advantage! 

**Pumpkin Kodiak Protein Waffle Recipe: 1 cup Kodiak Mix, 3/4 cup Water, 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree, a bunch of cinnamon , dash of nutmeg. Makes two waffles or four pancakes, top with more cinnamon & maple syrup! 

Fall in love with your home, your environment and always the outdoors all around youuuu! 


Photos: Snowfall, Maple Leaf, Pumpkin Kodiak Waffle


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