First Blog Ever!

Helllllllooo!! (Yes, Doubtfire style)...Welcome to my blogging section and a place you will find writings & posts about Life, Art, Updates, Food and much more as time grows on! ; )

I've always been a person to help others, find joy in connection and learn all new things about life. I think relationships are one of the most important parts of our human experience and with those people to truly live a life full of good times, tough but rewarding lessons and really LIVE with purpose all while leaving a positive and lasting impression. 

I am so excited for this new chapter and also to share it with the world! I do not have a general plan on how often I will be posting at first, but I do anticipate to write about many topics and hope I touch a soul or two!

Commentary is welcome, and I am not in any way an expert to life or have any sort of "answer"...BUT (there's always a but) I do want others to share their experiences or let me know if I've helped them, inspired them or suggestions to what you want to see more of, I'm all ears!

Send me an email to & you can also send me a email sign up that you find on the homepage near the bottom!

Talk soon!

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I went an saw your web site an it’s amazing an I can’t believe our little girl has grown into a such a lovely young lady with so much talent. Best wishes on your new Journey, Love Always Sherri

Sherri Rice

Young Lady you never cease to amaze me of just how talented you are. I am so happy to see you letting you creative juices flow and unfold in such a beautiful web site where others can see and purchase your handmade creations. Sharing your creations not only helps you financially, but sharing them well bring you a joy only a true artist can know. You have my love and well wishes always.

Wanda Bowlin

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