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Sarah Nicole Artistry

Addtional Hanging Hardware

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For additional hanging hardware, choose a Sawtooth Set or 3M Velcro strips to hang your canvas or art pieces. 
*All artwork with come with either velcro or a sawtooth set, some pieces have pre-installed hardware, details will be on each product description* 
Metal Sawtooth w/ 2 nails $.50
3M Command Velcro Strips $1.00

Care Instructions

Artwork and paintings can get dusty over time, please use a duster, swiffer, or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the surface of the painting or artwork. Never use harsh chemicals water or solutions to clean surface that can damage the piece.

Beaded garlands, bookmarks, magnets and keychains are all handmade and intended for gentle decor and or simple day use. Please handle with care and keep out of children’s or pets reach.

Natural & Raw materials can fade, and or naturally loose tiny pieces overtime due to some items being delicate, hanging positions, and over exposure to direct sunlight.