About the Artist

"Colors bring life to our eyes & through nature we can see the most beautiful and still presences of this Earth."
-Sarah Nicole Artistry
ingredients to my life; nature, color, artwork, & human experiences...Oh and tailwaggers of course but not limited to wiggle butts too. These are also the ingredients I wanted to carry out with my artwork company. 
Welcome to my Artistry website where you’ll see a great variety of artwork, merchandise, repurposed items, home/office decor, and quite honestly it will not stop there! I love using my hands over a paint brush. The feeling of paint on your bare hands gives you those child-like vibes and I am here for it!
During our human experience on earth we are equipped with the abilities to create a beautiful life that should never feel shorted, but more of "LIFE IS LIMITLESS"...it's just the journey to discovering this that can be rocky, I know this from my own trials and tribulations. 
Once I started to mend my ways of life, learning to captivate my skills and truly appreciate the gift of life alone, it transformed my way of thinking and the goals I never had the guts to manifest. I have a desire to live a full life that feels limitless. I have a desire to not let anger fuel me, to never sacrifice my happiness for another, and to fully commit to my own life's purpose. 
The day I chose to start truly believing in myself and see my worth while applying this limitless motivation to get there, changed everything.
I went through years of bad choices, not-so-good for me relationships/friendships, and over 12 years of pain and trauma.
Around the end of my 20's, my eyes widened to the messy life I was living, and yes, it took me those next ongoing years to really dig deep into who I was and the life I wanted to put into fruition for my future self.
Art was at the time a temporary escape that I solely used when I was sad.
Proudly that is not the case anymore...I mean I did create a small business based on my art and creative ideas...hehehe!
I make a daily choice to not give up and give myself grace when I can. 
It's not always easy but I am motivated by my significance, my authenticity, and my own purposes.
Don't get me wrong, I've struggle too and I wanted to share my story with the world, I wanted to write blogs, create artwork, and bring connection all into one!
Pacific Northwest is where I grew up most of my adolescent years & I've had the chance to explore the beauties of the great PNW time and time again, even just a step out our front door. We have always lived in the trees amongst tall cedars, douglas firs, evergreens and pines and even a few times along the waters of the forever giving Puget Sound.
(If you've made it this far you deserve a cookie)